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Tubular Pest Systems

What is it?
Likened to electrical wiring, the system is self contained and unlike any other pest control system.  The system utilizes a network of dispersement tubes that are installed in the walls and hollow spaces.  The tubing is composed of polyethylene and has (micro) tiny perforations every eight inches.  The tubing connects to a service port or ports on the exterior of the home.  At the port, a Certified Pest Control Technician injects precise amounts of pesticides and propellants through specially fitted nozzles.  As the propellant expands, it is discharged through the perforations in the form of a micro fine mist which completely fills every crack and crevice, where the pests live, hide, and breed.

Are there benefits?
The Tubular Pest System is both economical and convenient.  Our service costs about the same as what you would expect to pay for traditional spray services.  It is convienient because you don't even have to be at home for the applications.  With the tubing completely contained within the walls, and the injection ports on the exterior of the home, there is no need to move furniture, clear cabinets, clean countertops, remove pets, or most importantly be at home for the application.

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